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Premium (£600) vs Budget (£160) Jacket Review

They generally say you get what you pay for. When it comes to motorcycle gear is that true? I recently upgraded from a RST R-16 leather jacket to a the Dainese Speed D1 jacket shown above. Why? Well because I needed to size down after staying off the pies for a few weeks, but mainly because the Dainese brand really sings to me. However peeling beneath the surface there are a few things that pop out to me.

Not all Cowhide is the same

A quick view at the spec of both jackets and both tell you that they are made of cowhide. However the condition of the Dainese, which they call D-SKIN 2.0, is of a far higher grade than that of the RST jacket. Now RST do have some premium offerings which may match this but the gulf in quality is night and day.

The Dainese offering here also offers ventilation zips, remove-able and changeable  sliders and better technical internal wicking properties (NANOFEEL® LINER WITH SILVER ION TREATMENT) and so on the list goes on. I’ve not weighed the two jackets however there is a major difference between the two.

Above all the fit for me at least was better and had less tendency to sag around the – ahem – softer parts of my body. So yes it’s more flattering.. win win in the vanity stakes for me.

Here are some close ups that show the overwhelming attention to detail that goes into this jacket..


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